Leman Biotech Invited to Present at SAKK's Cellular Therapies Workshop During the 6th Swiss Oncology and Hematology Congress


The 6th Swiss Oncology & Hematology Congress took place from November 22 to November 24, 2023 at the Congress Center Basel. Leman Biotech was invited to participate in the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK)'s Cellular Therapies Workshop held as part of the 6th annual Swiss Oncology and Hematology Congress. Leman Biotech was one of four Top Swiss companies invited to present in the sessions: "Engineered Cells" and "Manufacturing Devices & Technology," showcasing their cutting-edge technologies and advancements in cell therapy development. Prof. Dr. George Coukos had previously given a welcome note and opened the session.


During the workshop, Dr. Karthik, representing Leman Biotech's Swiss clinical center, delivered a talk entitled "AI-Enabled Metabolic Immunotherapy to Cure Cancer," introducing Leman Biotech's Metabolic Immunotherapy technology and presented the clinical development progress of Leman Biotech's Investigator-initiated clinical studies (NCT05715606, NCT05747157) of its metabolically enhanced CAR-T cell therapy. Dr. Karthik further presented preliminary results demonstrating the successful treatment of over eleven patients at a very low dose (1%-5% of the conventional CAR-T dose), achieving complete remission, and subsequent discharge from the hospital. The entire treatment procedure was mild and did not induce cytokine storms, neurotoxicity, or other common side effects associated with CAR-T therapy.


At the conference, Leman Biotech's clinical data garnered significant interest from clinicians of various Swiss university hospitals. Following the presentation, Dr. Karthik actively participated in the panel discussion, addressing inquiries about Lemans Biotech's metabolically enhanced CAR-T cells' clinical trial protocol, patient medical histories, pre-dose treatments, and insights into its potential application in solid tumor treatment.



About the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research 


The Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) is a non-profit organization dedicated to conducting clinical cancer trials. The goal of SAKK is to investigate new cancer therapies and to improve existing tumor treatments, considering all available options to either cure the disease or extend the lifespan and enhance the quality of life for cancer patients. This research is conducted through a nationwide network and in collaboration with centers and study groups internationally.


About SAKK’s Working Group Cellular Therapies


The SAKK's Working Group on Cellular Therapies was established to coordinate cell therapy initiatives across Switzerland. Its primary objective is to drive innovation and clinical research in T-cell therapy, positioning Switzerland as a key player in pioneering new cell therapy approaches. Led by Prof. Dr. George Coukos, Dr. Michael Daskalakis, Prof. Dr. Heinz Laubli, and Dr. Federico Simonetta, the working group operates within SAKK, The Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research.