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  • Animal Experiment Researcher

    Shenzhen | Hangzhou

Animal Experiment Researcher

Shenzhen | Hangzhou

Job Description

1.  Participate in in vivo efficacy evaluation of anti-tumor drugs, design and implement corresponding experimental protocols.

2.  Responsible for the construction of tumor animal models, in vivo administration of cell therapy drugs, and anti-tumor efficacy evaluation. Independently collect experimental data, form experimental records, and write experimental reports.

3.  Responsible for basic animal experimental operations. Responsible for collecting and sorting out the daily state indicators of experimental animals.

4.  Work location: Shenzhen or Hangzhou. Short-term business trips required.

Job Requirements

1.  Immunobiology, pharmacology, pharmacy and other related majors, master's degree or above, more than 2 years working experience required (conditions can be properly relaxed for excellent candidates). 

2.  Proficient in basic animal experiment operations, such as mouse orbital/submandibular blood collection, venous/peritoneal/subcutaneous injection, tumor size measurement, and sample collection.

3.  Good at the construction of tumor animal models, and familiar with the in vivo anti-tumor efficacy evaluation process of cell therapy drugs. 

4.  Have excellent professionalism and teamwork spirit.